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How big data and analytics are transforming recruitment process

How big data and analytics are transforming recruitment process
In this ever changing world, there are millions of people living and a data is created in every passing minute. Maintaining and storing this data turns out to be a tough job. We are living in the world of advanced technology and big data. Big data being large in size cannot be managed by the traditional data management tools. It is often characterized based on its volume, variability, velocity and variety. It is aimed at finding patterns and correlations for better decision making process.  
Big data uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enhance and improve the quality of work. Before loading data into a data warehouse, Hadoop clusters are used as landing pads and staging areas. It is more trusted than the traditional data management as it is evidence based. The data is collected from various web pages, audio, video, images, etc.
Back in the days data processing was as easy as analyzing a book. Earlier, recruitment was done by just going through the resume and the person’s past experience. But now with the mounting size of the data and the variety it comes in with, has made easier for companies to know about their employees. If we further see in the field of job recruitment, Big data analytics plays a very crucial role. It helps the companies to analyze a person’s historical data- his past work performance, helps to screen potential talent, segregate employees based on their specific skills which lead to time saving. 7 Group India makes use of big data analytics in recruiting employees which are best suited for the firm. Big data is used in multiple industries like Banking, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Technology, Consumer, Education, Consultancy and Energy. Major use of big data analytics is in the field of consulting firm.  
Seven Educon is the top overseas education consultant for USA in Mumbai providing data analytics in USA. Data analysis can be done for the students going abroad for further studies. It helps the institution to know in-person about the student admitting in their Institution. It not only studies about their potential but also helps to predict the future from their skills. Big data and Artificial Intelligence is going to be a revolution in the future. Machine Learning is the advanced version of Artificial Intelligence which uses high technology to study the data rather than studying it manually. 
Seven Group is trusted and growing day by day in the field of consultancy, educon and academy. It is provides one of the best Human Resource Training in Mumbai. The importance of big data analytics is leading to tremendous competition and professionals in the market. It gives a chance to explore the company with new insights. Several companies are recruiting data analysts for big data analytics. So, if you want your company with the best employees recruited, Big data analytics is the key to find one. 

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