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Future of Recruitment

 “As The World Gets Smaller, the Talent Pool Gets Wider”
We live in a world where population rate is increasing day by day and in every minute, either a person is employed or he is looking for employment. Recruitment is a process of selecting candidates who fits your designed work profile. It is conceded out in different rounds before coming on a decision. Earlier people were not competent enough to carry out a specific task, but now the picture has changed. People are way more educated and competent. Everyone has an inimitable talent in them and companies consider those talents too.
Conducting interviews all day and interviewing 20-25 people is a very frenzied task. Often the interviewer focuses on consulting rather than highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the interviewee. Resumes are just a proof of your qualifications and achievements. It doesn’t highlight your potentials. A person might not be highly qualified but he might have got ample of experience. This becomes a stumbling block for the firm as well as the person interviewed. 7 group Mumbai provides you with Human resource Management Courses in Mumbai which helps the HR department in selecting candidates easily. As the world is becoming more advanced with superior technology, the whole recruitment process is going to change in the mere future. Have you ever searched for something and then after a few days you find ads related to that? It’s because your data is being stored and analyzed through different tools.
There are several applications available today which provides you with job opportunities. People are not concerned in reading advertisements related to job opportunities in newspapers, they spend most of their time on their mobile phones using different applications. So if your company is planning for a mobile application which helps in recruitment, you should make sure it is easy to access. Seven group has its own website designed for recruitment process and we make sure that we provide you with proper information. Here, SEO plays a very important role. It helps you generate the most apt keyword which in turn helps you to bring traffic to your website.
Artificial Intelligence is a gift to us by technology. It has made the recruitment process very easy. AI assistants almost work like humans. They store and analyze your data without any errors. Some companies use AI assistants to conduct mobile interviews and the candidate might not even be able to differentiate between a machine and a human. It has that much of potential. We being the best education consultants in Mumbai make sure that our students pass the interview rounds and get selected. Social media will be used more than just sharing memes. It will become a source for finding out relevant information about the candidates and also informing everyone about your job vacancies. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and few job applications like and Indeed have made life of the HR department easier.
The days of recruiting through resumes is fading away with time. It is an era of technology and we are bounded with it. Resumes will get outdated soon and machine driven interviews will be in the frame soon.

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