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Why HR needs knowledge of SEO

Why HR needs knowledge of SEO
What is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is used to increase quality and quantity of your website through organic search. It us used by businesses to boost traffic to their website. 
What happens in SEO?
To understand what quality traffic means, consider yourself as a merchant who sells apple for Rs. 200 per dozen. But the traffic you are getting through Google tells them you are selling Apple Computers. This is not a quality traffic, when visitors who are genuinely are interested on the products you offer is called a quality traffic.
The second thing to know about is quantity of traffic on your website. This is about how the search engine results pages (SERPs) attract the traffic. It determines how you rank in SERP. More the traffic better the quantity of traffic.
After you have quantity traffic, organic results is essential to carry your name ahead in SERP. Organic traffic simply means any traffic that comes to your website for SERP that you haven’t paid to increase popularity. There are HR Training in Mumbai conducted at 7 group Mumbai.
How Does SEO work?
There are two parts in SEO. First comes the SE (search engine). Search engines like Google, etc. has an information collector known as crawler. They gather information from the internet about the content published by users on their websites and builds an index. The index is then pushed to an algorithm that matches the data with the query. Second part is O which is optimization. This is where the user contents which are published on their websites are matched according to their title tag sand meta descriptions to enable users to get the desired search results while searching. You can check blogs on Seven Group who have different verticals in HR
What can HR professionals use SEO for?
The first thing that a job seeker does to find dream job is simply searching for the job in search engines with the job title and location they want it to be. There are about billions of searches performed online and over millions of job searches through search engines. If you were to search for your dream job on Google there will be many results displayed, where most will have ads in it. As Google only displays 10 search results per page, the competition to acquire a place in the first page is very difficult. To be on top of search results companies need to build their profiles on search engines. SEO is a tool for this purpose.
Digital media place an important role in SEO. If your company wants to be on top of the search results you should consider posting job videos, entertainment videos, videos that represent your companies’ motives and goal. Video accounts for about 60% of the searches made on search engines. Videos about job posting can be easily shared and is considered an important tool. 
Understanding keywords and using it is essential to grow a business online. Keywords act as a link between your content and the user who wants your content. With organic keywords in your job posting, search engine understands about your relevance and job seekers are able to navigate it which will be displayed on the first page. It is necessary to understand organic keywords and hoe to use them. It can sometimes not work depending on the keywords relevance to your content.
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