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In today’s modern and technological world social media is the most popular trend. Almost 90% of the population around the world is using social media apps and now recruiting of candidates is all done through social media. Social media recruitment means candidates are recruited through social media platforms on the basis of talent profile.
Recruitment through social media is good because through social media employee’s can reach out to candidates faster and at a lower cost because social media is free of cost. Social media is referral because it has the highest chance for results. Social media recruiting is a HR strategy because social media helps the company to get better passive jobs. The company use social media for promoting their brands and advertising their brand and also make awareness of the job facility in their company as social media is a big platform many of the candidates are attracted through social media. Many institutes teach brand promoting in such as Seven Group India is having a division named seven academy. it is the best institute for learning brand promoting. Using of social media for recruitment is not an easy job there are things to look after for recruiting a candidate through social media as a profile can be fake Seven Group institution teaches how to recruit proper participants for the proper job. The use of social media for recruiting is very beneficial and easy process as the candidate can directly look after the company process without visiting it. Now a day’s social media is more used instead of physically meeting because it does not take much time the company can check the full profile easily and hire the employee. Seven Group is having a division named seven consultancy mainly hire employee through social media.
As social media is growing fast in the field of recruiting there are some website which are at the top of the social media such as FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, LINKEDLN. 
  1. FACEBOOK  as over 800 million people use FACEBOOK on daily basis it has became a big market place and also number of people find jobs through this web site. FACEBOOK is the biggest social media site Company promote their brands and advertise job opportunities so candidates can look after 7Group India gives job opportunities through FACEBOOK.
  2. INSTAGRAM as this social media app is also popular around the world recruitment through this app is done on a large scale as this social media platform is trending a person can show his talent skills through uploading pictures videos. Candidates also use the app to show their creativity and find their jobs. It is a great platform for recruiting. 7 Group is having a division named seven consultancy to recruit their candidates through social media apps.
  3. TWITTER the most important thing about twitter is that your message can be seen to anyone anytime and at anyplace this app helps you to forward your message to correct audience company also recruit their candidates by looking at their skills Seven Group India is having a division named seven consultancy to recruit their candidates through this social media platforms.
  4. LINKEDLN this social media platform is used by professional users a candidate can show their content and make connections through many brands around the world it is a paid website. The candidates using this social media platform get various job facilities 7Group India is having a division named seven consultancy for recruiting employee through social media.

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