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Role of a HR manager

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Human resources [HR] is the practice of recruiting, hiring, developing and managing and organization of employee. HR department is responsiable for employee training, recruitment, training, development and performance of employee Seven Group trains employee in this Fields. The overall aim of human resources management is to ensure that the organization should to achieve success. HR manager manage the human capital of an organization and focus on the policies and process they are specialized in finding, recruiting, training and developing employee. Human resources manager has a two basic function overseeing department function and managing employee so a HR manager has to be discipline 7Group train employee in this two function. A HR manager has a good communication skill and decision making capabilities. Human Resources manager have a strategic and functional responsibilities for all HR employee. A human resource manger is expert in general business and management skills.
  1. Training and development: employee training and development includes hiring, leadership training and development when the training is necessary and which type of training is necessary to improve performance and productivity the HR manger conducts seminar workshops on leadership techniques. They also play an important role in implementing employee strategy and success planning based on training and development. Seven Group India provides training and development for students and candidates.
  2. Employee relation: employee relation means responsiable for investing and resolving workplace issue the human resource manager has the responsibility for resolving employee relationship through employee relation strategies. For small business human resource manger resolve employee complaints. Human resource manager also contact on risk taking decision and employee relation matters. A human resource manager includes current workplaces policies and providing employee training. Seven Group helps employee and candidates in employee relation
  3. Recruitment and selection: human resources manager develop solution to meet workforce demands and labor force. An employee manger actually looks after the recruitment and selection process. A human resource manager is responsiable for decision on branding as it is related to recruiting and talented employee for example a human resource manager in a health care firm might use his/her knowledge about nursing to develop a strategy for employee for maintaining staffing levels. Human resource manager is also responsiable for to find ways to appeal highly qualified candidates. 7Group provides training in recruitment and selection.
  4. Attract talent: attraction of talent with planning the human resource recruitment putting a plan of action to fulfill needs with placement this is followed by creating a employee brand. Human resources manger needs to create detailed recruitment strategies to carry out hiring process
HR mangers work
  1. Plan and coordinate the workforce to use best employee talent
  2. Resolve issue between management and employee
  3. Oversees recruitment and hiring process

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