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Mumbai as the commercial capital of India

Mumbai as the commercial capital of India
Mumbai is by far the greatest and the most ventureful city within the country and has been known to be the most valuable city for people and individuals alike at least in terms of economical growth value. The city of mumbai has been quoted as “the commercial capital of India” in all of its righteousness and this has not been done out of meer appreciation but due to sheer diligence of the city’s actual practices for the development of the country. Mumbai is but the wealthiest city in the country with the highest gross domestic product value in all of Asia. Mumbai is also the fourth most populous city in the world while also being truly the main source of entertainment and commercial capital within India. Mumbai has been tagged as the commercial capital of India since the year 1997.
Obviously the city of Mumbai holds its much deserved pride of being the wealthiest city in the country. This capital city of Maharashtra is the fourth most populous city in the world.. Situated on the West coast of India, Mumbai has a deep natural harbor. Mumbai has been rated among the top 10 centers for commerce and is aptly known as the commercial and the entertainment capital of India. umbai stays true to its status as it is the official headquarters of some of the leading financial institutions of the country. Major stock exchanges of the country are situated within the heart of this city at the most active spots too.
Mumbai presents its people a throbbing and bustling commercial life as it houses the largest port of India, a colossal film industry along with two airports, numerous pubs, bars and restaurants and a major concentration of the textile industry. Obviously, Mumbai is regarded as the financial capital of the country. There are several landmarks in Mumbai, which attract tourists from all over the country and world. Mumbai tends to be one of the most desired tourist centres in India. This city is considered to be the central hub for trade, industries and business. The present scenario of Mumbai indicates that it is a growing center of media activities and advertising. Mumbai has been see to constantly grow and evolve in terms of industrial and cultural growth and is expected to continue doing so.
Considering the growth of the city, the central and state governments have made numerous promises to convert Mumbai into the next international financial centre. The aim is to change the entire infrastructural façade of the city and give life to a newer and cleaner Mumbai. While the contributions of this city towards the overgrowing economy of the country has been huge and commendable it is also valid to note that the city’s economical value is depreciating and most of the much ‘commercial hotspots’ are now losing their statuses which would eventually lead to mumbai being dethroned as the commercial capital of the country but will always be known as the major city for all of the country’s economic developments.

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