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Job market is a market in which employers search for employee and employee search jobs. The job market depends upon demand of labor. It is not a physical concept. As job market is a significant of a company directly tied with goods and services. Job market in India depends upon the following.
  1. Employment: employment is a relation between two parties it is based on a contract were worker is paid for. Employee work in return for payment which may be in the form of wages or annual salary depending upon the type of work an employee does or which sector they are working. The main way for employee to find work and people to find employee through jobs and through newspapers and online employee and job seekers often find each other through recruitment consultants seven consultancy also recruits employee. Training and development refers to employee efforts and skills and also help the employee to grow within the organization the level of training helps employee to improve the job satisfaction. Seven group India gives training facilities to employee.
  2. Unemployment: unemployment in India has been compiled in every five years. Unemployment is a major social issue in India according to government there are over 31 million jobless people in India. Unemployment and under employment is a standing problem the Indian labor has officially classified into three categories rural sector includes the farm labor. Urban formal sector includes factory and service industry urban informal sector includes self employment and wage works. 7Group helps in unemployment issue and resolve it and organize social activities regarding issue of unemployment.
  3. Unorganized sector: the term unorganized sector is defined as National commission for enterprises in unorganized sector. The manufacturing share of unorganized sector is near to 40% which may include transport, construction, hotel, business and local service unorganized sector also means were employment term is not fixed and regular. Unorganized sector covers most rural labor it also includes activity carried out by small family. The unemployment sector plays a crucial role in terms of employment and national domestic product. The unorganized sector has to face some issues like insufficient labor laws, no society security, No guaranteed minimum wages.  
  4. Rural industry: In rural industry the business is operated towards different industries which are agriculture forest and handloom there are three types of rural industries agriculture industry, forest industries, handloom industries. Seven Consultancy provides jobs in these sectors.   

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