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Education system in Indian is growing day by day. As education is the most important step towards the success as it brings natural and lasting change and ability to achieve goals  education is the main thing that make difference between right and wrong because without education we cannot achieve our goals 7Group also provides motivation lectures to student free of cost. The government of India is making lot of effort for the betterment of education facility in India. As education in India is provided by public schools, private schools they are controlled by three levels state, central and local. Free education is provided to children between 6 to 14 years of age Seven Group India also provides free education facility. The ratio of public schools to private schools is 7:5. India has made progress in the increasing the attainment rate of primary education. In India approximately 75% of the population aged between 7 to 10 years was literate. India is making progress in higher education Seven Group also provides higher education facility. The best advantage of Indian education system is inexpensiveness as education is cheaper compared to other developed countries Indian education system is providing quality education in lower cost 7Group India also helps in getting quality education and training at lower costs. There are 3 types of education formal education system, informal education system and non-formal education system
  1. Formal education system : formal education system means education provided in schools were a person learns basic education and skills small children attend nursery is included formal education as formal education starts in elementary schools and continues with secondary schools. Examples of formal education are classroom learning, school certification, college and university degrees as formal education is structured hierarchically it is planned and deliberated it has syllabus and it is subject oriented. The student is taught by teacher. The advantage f formal education system is students are gaining knowledge by professional and trained teachers there is structured systematic learning progress
  2. Informal education system: Informal education means parent teaching a child how to prepare a meal person gets informal education by reading books and through environment and education website. Informal education means when you are not studying and you don’t use practical learning. In this type of education effort for learning is not involved unlike formal in informal education is not provided by schools or college informal education is not provided through timetable it all about actual living it is independent it has no syllabus it is not planned it has no time table no fee is required it is lifelong and a natural process.
  3. Non-formal education system : Non-formal education system includes adult literacy education it is all about fitness sports the non-formal education is planned and is apart from school system the timetable can be adjustable it is no age limit it has learning skills.

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