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Importance of legal department in a company

Importance of legal department in a company
As the industry of business within institutions and organisations is on a high rise the rules and regulations and compliance are constantly gaining even more complexity, which is why the need to implement and emphasize the importance of legal functions within the organisation takes on a shape for increased organizational as well as overall institutional importance. In a business environment any Legal operation or legal operations in general, possess the ability to hugely influence the impact on the organisation and institutions prominent objective which is increasing efficiency and profitability for its ultimate goal. In light of a constantly changing business environment, this arm of the legal profession seeks to improve the effectiveness of in-house legal teams.
Legal operations which are conducted or carried out by the legal department within the organisation can be described as the core functional purpose of their department and also constitute one of the fastest-growing arms of the legal profession.  Legal departments within an organisation and the legal operations that they conduct is generally a huge aspect within a multitude of other functions within a legal department that optimizes services delivery to a business or government entity. The legal operations role within the legal department has been evolving and expanding for quite a long time now and as more and more companies come to see the benefit of the many services they provide these departments within the organisational sector are expected to be on a blooming scale.
A legal department is essential in ensuring that a company or establishment properly discharges its business affairs. Its members vigorously strive to safeguard its interest in relation to all parties whether within or outside the company. Its members bear distinguished characteristics which qualify them to put the company’s interests before all other affairs. This often is accomplished by adopting well-defined rules and regulations. The legal department is considered to be one of the most prominent departments in any company. It is a specialized sector working jointly with the rest of the departments in order to achieve the company's objectives and ensure that the company’s activities are in conformity with all laws and regulations.
The legal department provides legal consultation and advice as well as reviewing the rules, contracts and agreements generated by other departments.  Duties of the legal department include drafting resolutions, letters, memos and participating in balanced administrative decision-making. The legal department is further required to express its legal opinion on issues that are referred to it in addition to pleading all cases of the company. Moreover, the legal department is expected to contribute in legal awareness and the orientation of company staff by coordinating with various departments and by utilizing the company's electronic sites.
The importance of a legal department does not stem from being the department responsible for the implementation of rules and regulations or providing legal advice.  Instead, it lies in spreading awareness of the importance of respecting law. As such, owing to the paramount importance of the legal department and its vital role, it is essential to identify its mission accurately. Thereafter, the required work should be allocated and distributed by job classification and identification of duties and responsibilities assigned to each employee. in the department.

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