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HR is an important assets of any organization. HR are those individuals who makes a long way to any business for driving success. It's a business unit with most strategies which keeps business running well. HR is not just a strategy but it's a philosophy. There are daily debates at workplaces for importance for Human Resource Management. It’s because HR is multitude segment. Without employees even best business plan fails. Without a Good working team of Professionals a good organization cannot be build up. The key functions of Human Resources Management include recruiting and training people, performances appraisal, motivating employees as well as work place communication and much more.
  Those days are gone when HR functions where handled by one single person. Now it has been replaced by a of professionals distinct functions.

Human Resources are important in its specific areas.  HR applies strategies to solve problems and finds long lasting solution. HR majorly concentrates on recruiting, managing and managing people on work place, in conjunction with HR also deals with issues related with performances management, organization, safety, wellness and so on.

Overall Responsibilities: HR disciplines has strategic and functional responsibilities. A human resources manager has HR generalist expert combined with general business management and skills. HR generalist handles administrative matters. The size of the company doesn’t concern, a human resources manager have skills to perform in every perspectives. (Seven Consultancy is one of the Top HR Consultancy provides jobs in HR Generalist profile)

Recruitment: Recruitment is the first major responsibility in human resources. Its important aspect of any HR Professionals career.  Finding and hiring qualified candidates is recruitment. Recruitment has to be done in timely job opening and cost effective manner. (Seven Consultancy is having unique Recruitment solutions method as Recruiter Agency in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane)

Training and Development: It is core function of any Organization. Training and Development is an attempt to improve current or future employee performances. Training employees is important to help the new hired acquainted with organization work pattern.

Performance Appraisal:  Performances appraisal helps in motivating and encouraging the employees to their fullest potential. Performance appraisal draws a conclusion Weather employee needs a training or promotion is to be given.  It helps employees to keep clear view of what they are delivering and what they are expected.

Payroll Management:  The term “Payroll” refers to the list of employees that receives compensation from a company. Payroll management is a process where organization pay to employees for the work they had completed. The employees get paid after monitoring of attendances, leave tracking, clock in/ out time, etc.

Employee Relation: While dealing with human part in organization, HR persons are called. It’s important to maintain employee relation between employer and employee. Employee relation can be built with various ways. Such as organize various activity for employees like small get together at work places etc. Let the employees enjoy together.

Human Resources helps in monitoring the progress of any organization. Strategic management also helps to boost team spirit within the organization. A company’s best strategy has a good impact on managers, employees, customers, stakeholder and also investors. Human Resources Management predicts the future need for organization. With help of HR qualitative decisions are made. Thus, through human resource planning the firms can effectively manage the manpower requirements (both current and future) and also helps in reducing the lead time spent on searching the prospective candidate for the vacant position.

Human resource should be seen as strategic function of any organization. It helps to build competitive edge for an organization by positively engaged employee. There should be transparency between HR managers and employees, and information should be provided to employees whenever needed by them. In different aspects of HR domains it is very clearly visible the role of HR personalities in the organization. HR makes differences in the overall performances of the Organization

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