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How essential for an organization to have presence in social media?

Role of Social Media in an organization
Social media presence is a crucial part of growing an organization. The array of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and YouTube can be overwhelming to navigate an organization to fulfil marketing needs. Social media often plays a marketing role in organizations, but it can do more than that. Social media can bring in new customers or clients and help better to serve current customer base.
There may be nothing in history that has revolutionized our online behavior as much as social media.
What started as a fun way to stay in touch with friends and family has grown into a medium by which organizations can share, learn from, and interact with their online audiences. Social media platforms have the power to increase brand awareness, drive prospects, convert leads and delight customers. Failure to leverage these platforms runs the risk of our organization becoming irrelevant online.
Below are five things our organization can do when it puts adequate time into building a strong social media presence: 
1. Meet People Where They Already Are
In order to get the most impact out of an organization’s content, they should distribute content in the channels where it’s most likely to grab attention. It’s no secret that billions of people spend an enormous amount of time on social media platforms scrolling, liking, creating, sharing, and commenting on content. Simply put, it’s where the eyeballs are.
2. Respond to Questions and Problems Immediately
Customers often reach out to organizations on social media to ask questions or report issues. Use these platforms as customer communication tools to respond quickly and directly to comments.
3. Engage With Community
Social media allows to interact with prospects and customers and receive consistent, real-time feedback from them. Eventually, organization will have a better understanding of their primary audiences (leads, customers, promoters) and can tweak marketing efforts accordingly.
4. Optimize For Search Engines
In today’s Google-centric world, it’s important to understand how well our website ranks on search engines and what we can do to improve our ranking. Social media channels give organization online credibility, improving their SEO by driving traffic to their website.
5. Showcase our Brand
With a strong social media presence, we can build our company’s reputation and showcase the business in a positive way. By providing good information by Facebook or Twitter in your industry, prospects will subconsciously view our firm as an authority. Over time, this means that our brand name will build in stature, and we are going to be more likely to reap more rewards in terms of sales.
MBA Social Community,, recently showed Social media is growing bigger by the hour. Today, there are more than one billion people around the world using social media. There are:
800 million Facebook users
800 million unique YouTube users per month
400 million unique Twitter users per month
150 million LinkedIn users
10 million Pinterest users
We can market to these people far cheaper and effectively through a strong social media operation than we ever could hope to with traditional advertising. Whatever demographic we are targeting, there are millions of prospects waiting to be contacted.
An interesting info graphic recently posted by out market outlined the good, the bad, and the ugly about social media and big business. Noting this tension between the pro- and anti-social media groups, the info graphic states: “While social media is a powerful branding and engagement tool that can make or break a brand’s reputation, it alone can’t resolve a business’s need to drive revenue”.
Of course, organizations can’t expect social media to function as their entire marketing or customer engagement strategy. Rather, it’s one important part of a much larger strategy. Once incorporated into a larger marketing or engagement initiative, social media can deliver significant value to both the organization and the customer.
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