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Emerging HR Technologies

Emerging HR Technologies
The world we live in has always been evolving. Due to unmitigated volume of start-ups and how disintegrated the HR Tech space is, it can be difficult for HR leaders to keep in check with new and emerging technologies and priorities which technologies are worth exploring. The physical and digital worlds will continue to merge, as the workplace is reshaped by artificial intelligence (AI), bots, predictive software and augmented reality. All these technological advancements will allow HR professionals to save time and money. 
Emerging Technologies in HR
Blockchain: - 
This technology will make work easy for recruiters as the candidates to be evaluated can be more efficient and less time consuming. The Payroll Managers (hr payroll training with placement in navi mumbai) who want to make their organization’s global compensation process less costly and less time consuming can use blockchain. Blockchain uses an encrypted, digital ledger of public records structured into clusters of data called blocks and dispersed over networks. Prediction says that HR will begin using this tool within next 18-24 months.
Artificial Intelligence: - 
Systems which can autonomously learn, adapt and act will be major focus for technology vendors. This tool will make decision-making, work processes and customer experience less sophisticated and easy to handle. ROI for digital business plans will be driven by 2025.
Internet of Things: - 
By using AI vehicles, robots and drones have become smart. This is also enhancing many existing products which are connected to internet of things. In the near future, there will come at time when HR professionals will need to hire individuals who can operate drones, monitor drone-safety and comply with FAA regulations.
Chatbots: - 
Chatbots have become increasingly popular. Following their success and popularity in customer service and marketing, chatbots are increasingly being deployed within HR. This tool will help HR professionals to uphold cost increasing their productivity in other matters. There are many chatbot start-ups which have crowded the country with more than 50 in India.
Fitness Application: - 
Most organizations are focused on how to balance work and fitness of their employees. To achieve this objective, fitness application for employees can be introduced. Most of the MNC’s have started organizing fitness workshops. The apps will help to create a balance between professional and their personal lives. For example, your employees can have access to dietary counseling, yoga, and work and life counseling among many others.
VR & AR: - 
Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) can have numerous application in HR. VR technology can be used to improve the ever-underestimated onboarding experience. For example in recruitment, to give candidates a realistic preview of the company and the job. And both VR & AR can be very useful for training staff.
Gamification: - 
It is a behavior motivating techniques from traditional and social games to non-game environments. An effective gamification program actually looks more like a loyalty program supercharged to help achieve real business goals when it is expanded beyond points, badges, and leaderboards. 
Outsourcing: - 
HR Outsourcing is a process in which a company uses services of third party to take care of its HR functions. Rapidly changing market dynamics and global competitive pressures have caused organizations to spend more time focusing on their core business. 7Consultancy is a part of 7 Group Mumbai where HR process outsourcing is going on.
Mobile Applications: - 
Smartphones are the one which are likely to dominate the HR world. As the workforce across various operations seeking access to applications via mobile devices, companies are considering to adapt their HR systems. Delivering this kind of functionality implies that organizations will consider HR applications with mobilization process and the interface that employees are looking for. More on, the trend of creating applications that streamlines the basic HR functionality continues to evolve. Today, mobile apps have become essential for every application that a company develops.
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